Tom Buechi
Blues, Classic Rock & Country
Blooze Bottle Guitar Slides
I use (and sell) Blooze Bottle Guitar Slides
  • Blooze Bottle MC1 - Medium Clear Guitar Slide - I use this model for all electric slide work. This is an exact replica of the bottles grandma's medicine used to come in a long time ago!
  • Blooze Bottle SA1 - Small Amber Guitar Slide - I use this slide for all acoustic work. A little heavier and the amber glass has a great sound (looks cool too)!

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2009 Takamine EG532XC-NF
I bought this guitar in Oct 2009.
I'm using this one as my primary live guitar both in Real Life and Second Life. Maple front, back and sides. Great sounding guitar!
Live Rack Mount Setup
From Top, Let to Right
Fishman SA220 Soloamp
I bought this amp/PA system in 2010. Great for live solo performances! I've done hundreds of show with this amp and it rocks! Everything from living rooms to oudoors at a car show. Sounds great from any angle, even behind it! No feedback, clean sound, lightweight.
Line6 POD XT Live
I use this for both acoustic and electric live shows. Add amp modeling, effects and volume control.
Boss RC-20 Loop Station
I use this in my live shows to record the rythym chords so I can perform lead guitar riffs over the top of them. I don't store any loops. They're all deleted at the end of the song.
TC-Helicon Harmony-G
I use this in my live shows to add two part harmonies to my vocals. It take input from the guitar and mic, analyzes it and produces a two part harmony.
Hagstrom AMS-J15CE Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Just bought this one. Can't wait to try it out. Love them Hagstroms!
2008 Hagstrom XL-5 - Indian Summer
I bought this guitar Spring 2008. Love it!
This is now my main guitar for live use and recording.
I used this one on about half the songs on the CD (Everyday Blues, Raised On Heartache, Living For Today, Sometimes It's Best To Forget).
2008 Hagstrom XL-5 - Red
I bought this guitar as a backup to the one above.
Just in case....
1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom
This was my main guitar until earlier this year when I bought the new Hagstrom.
It hasn't been out of the case since!
I used this one on about half the songs on the CD (Homewrecker Blues, Not Without You, Good Girl Gone Wrong, Where Do You Go, Let It Ride).
1968 Hagstrom Viking
Bought this guitar with my paper route money in 1968!
This was my main guitar from 1968 - 1982
It's been used, abused, and heavily modified but still a great guitar! Used for several rhythm tracks on the CD.
1983 Washburn Tanglewood Acoustic/Electric
I bought this one new around 1983.
Still a great acoustic/electric.
I had a new Fishman active pickups installed a few years back but still need to play it through a preamp.
1992 Washburn Bantam Bass
2006 Yamaha PortableGrand DGX-500
Digitech GNX3 Multi Effects Processor
Marshall MG250DFX Stereo Combo Amp
Line6 Toneport UX2 / Gearbox Software
All guitar, vocal, bass, keyboard, mics on the CD were processed throught the Toneport. Great product!
MXL 990 / 993 Condenser Microphones
I used the MXL 993 for all the vocals on the CD. The 990 works good for acoustic guitar, but I opted to use the Fishman piezo pickups on the Washburn this time around.
Roland SPD-6 Drum Pads
I used this to add congas and other percussion to some of the tracks. /SPAN>
SONAR Home Studio 4 Software
Great product for the price. I actually upgraded to version 6 in the middle of recording the CD but went back to version 4 because I was getting distracted learning the new interface.
AKAI Rotator Software
This VST plugin is awesome. It simulates a Leslie Speaker, is fully adjustable, and you can record the automation of any of the features. All of the organ tracks on the CD were recorded on my relatively cheap Yamaha keyboard and processed through the AKAI Rotator.
Izotope OZONE 3 Software
This is a really cool package of Mastering affects. I used it a lot for mastering the songs while I was working on them. In the end I opted to have Disc Makers professionally master the CD since I couldn't get the sound I wanted. Probably the operator, not the software.