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  Second Life Concert Instructions
How to attend a live concert in Second Life
  1. You'll need to open an account at Second Life is free to join and they won't ask for any private info until you want to start spending money (like tipping the performers and venues).
  2. As part of the signup process you'll select a Second Life name. You get to choose the first name, they give you a list of options for the last name
  3. Pick a default avatar. You can change the appearance of this later. The venue owners and other Second Lifers are very helpful with this. So just show up at the concert and folks will help get you set up.
  4. Click on the venue link on my Schedule Page. That link is what they call a SLURL and will have a button to teleport to the location of the concert. You'll receive a notice in Second Life asking if you want to teleport. Click the teleport button and you'll be there!
  5. If you don't hear the music do the following:
    • Click EDIT > PREFERENCES > AUDIO & VIDEO. Check all the boxes on this page then click OK.
    • Click on the play button (right facing arrow) in the bottom right corner of you Second Life screen, next to the music note.
    • Make sure the volume slider (next to the play button) is all the way to the right.
  6. That's it! You should now be seeing and hearing a live concert in Second Life!

How to listen to the live stream outside of Second Life

You can also listen to audio of the concerts in many audio players. You'll be missing the Second Life fun, but you'll still get to hear the music. (Note: I don't stream anything except when I'm playing a concert).

  1. iTunes
    • Click "Radio" on the iTunes menu
    • Click "File" on menu bar
    • Click "OpenStream..."
    • Enter
    • Click "OK"
  2. Windows Media Player
    • Click "File" on menu bar
    • Click "Open URL"
    • Enter
    • Click "OK"